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June 3, 2019

Torque Garage


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Open Project

Torque Garage

By The Sign Factory

About Torque Garage

Located on main Sharah E Faisal’s Hascol Pump in Karachi, right next to Faisal Cantonment, Torque Garage is a mechanic workshop that specializes in modern cars. The workshop is equipped with most advanced equipment which provides top of the line diagnostics, these equipment include Pakistan’s first AC service station X545, Pakistan’s first ADAS X431 (Radar/lidar) calibration system, computerized wheel balancer, Sunshine hydraulic car-lift, torque wrench sets, ultrasonic fuel injector and at last hardware tools from Total and Dewalt. The equipment enables Torque Garage to provide advance diagnostics and provide top of the line mechanic service in Karachi, especially for the modern cars. On top of that the location of torque garage makes it highly accessible and the equipment enables it to

Problems Faced By Torque Garage

However, contrary to general expectations the workshop was not doing enough business, it was barely staying afloat and struggling with customer acquisition due to lack of an awareness and an effective marketing strategy. The Facebook and Instagram, pages which are a business’ virtual shop in the modern era, were maintained but not up to the mark, the content was not synchronized with the reality of the business, plus the posts were not copy-written to attract potential clients. It was struggling to acquire clients because of the lack of attention given to social media assets, because businesses can perform better on their core tasks and are unable to manage marketing effectively. The situation was worsening and then torque garage contacted us.


Our core team at The Sign Factory held a meeting with the owners of Torque Garage and took a detailed business brief from them regarding their business models, current problems and future prospects. Afterwards the core team briefed the strategy and content department to copy-write a monthly content calendar which will be used to create graphics. The content team divided the content into 4 parts,




Services & USPs

The first part included informative posts for car owners which they can use to take care of their car. The second types of postsare meant to be witty so that the audience can have a quick laugh while consuming our content this has helped turn the cold audience of torque garage into hot audience as humor helps connect people at a deeper level. Third type of posts are in which the audience is audience is engages with the business by commenting or reacting or sharing the post. Lastly, in the 4th category we provide information about torque garage’s services and copy-write services in a way that targets pain points of car owners and it appeals to the customers, then they become leads as they are in need of that specific service.

This strategy started to work and Torque garage starting receiving organic leads and queries for car services after cold audience that was present here started to warm up and eventually. This was the perfect time for us to move towards advertising the service and so we did!


We first ran the awareness campaign of Torque on toque garage’s video which showed all its features inside the garage, all the equipment and its location on Sharah E Faisal. The ad campaign successfully started bringing in queries from car owners who were frustrated from the traditional mechanics and their incompetency.


Then we came towards conversion ads and because the weather was changing in Karachi as summers were coming, the demand for air conditioning in cars was increasing so we decided to run a conversion campaign which showed torque garage’s air conditioning repair machine “service station X545” and after adding some copy writing which focused on customer’s pain points and solutions, we ran the campaign. The response received by torque garage was overwhelming because people were desperate for a quality A/C service. You can see the results below.

Car owners are usually unaware of their engine’s condition and they don’t know the symptoms of their engine being in a bad condition so, on torque garage’s suggestion we created an image which showed how you can judge car’s engine condition by looking at the smoke colour coming out of exhaust. We ran a conversion campaign on it and again, we received overwhelming response because people needed to keep their cars maintained.


Social proof of service is highly important to convince people about our superior service, that’s why we keep running video awareness ads about our recent projects so that people are aware about the value we provide

Engine oil is your engines blood and the better the oil is, the longer your engine life becomes. Torque garage also provides Zinol oil which is an Australian engine oil approved by major vehicle brands such as VOLVO, Mercedes & MAN. We ran its conversion campaign and received a lot of orders for the engine oil.

Driver and passenger’s lives depend upon brakes and the cars in Karachi face high wear and tear in their brakes so we ran a brake repair campaign for Karachi so that drivers can repair their brakes.


Some people go for the unprofessional & untrained mechanics to get their cars fixed & these mechanics often use desi hacks (jugaar) to solve problems. However these solutions are unreliable and often lead towards huge losses. So we ran an awareness campaign on this problem so that car owners are made aware of the long term costs of this short term fix.


The final result is that we have helped torque garage to establish their feet in the market and now they are helping hundreds of customers to fix their cars and enabling them to travel safely.

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