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June 3, 2019

Care Baby


Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

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About Care Baby

Carebaby is a baby brand which provides diapers and wipes at different price range. It has a “Super Economy” range which is focused to provide quality at a highly affordable price. Similarly, the other two categories that Carebaby has are: Economy and Mega which provide more value in terms of quality. The diapers have special features which makes it unique such as a wetness indicator which helps parents identify how wet is their kid’s diaper. It has a high absorbing polymer so the diaper can be worn for long time period. Diaper’s soft corners and breathable bottom prevents babies from getting rashes on their thighs. Their wipes are also very skin sensitive which are highly suitable for babies.

Problems Faced By Care Baby

Carebaby was present in the physical market through its retail network however it had no digital presence. The owners at Carebaby realized that getting into the B2C market through digital media would enable them to multiply their reach and their products can reach all across Pakistan. In October 2021, Carebaby’s owner contacted The Sign Factory to create and manage their digital presence.

Content & Graphics

After on boarding Carebaby, The Sign Factory acquired their USPs, Company profile and other vital business information. The content team at Sign Factory prepared a content calendar which uses copy-writing techniques that focuses on customer’s pain points and effectively communicates the value it provides to mothers and their babies. The content team divided the content into 3 parts

After completing the calendar it was sent to the owner for approval, after getting the approval the content calendar was forwarded to the graphics team which created a design theme and then started to create posts for social media which were to be posted on the social media assets of Care baby. The posts were first approved by the owner and then scheduled on the page to be posted on a specific date. Continuous posting on social media pages is necessary to engage the existing audience and maintain the page’s reach. The emotional content reminds mothers of the brand. The engaging content also works to encourage the audience to stay with the brand and order the product.

Website Development

Because Care baby did not have a digital presence prior to getting in touch with us so, we created its E-commerce website which contained all its products so customers can place their orders easily. We ensured that the website is user-friendly so customers don’t bounce back and found it easy to place their orders quickly. Have a look at the website we created for care baby.


We first ran an engagement campaign targeted at the audience who were parents with babies that need diapers and were frequent online buyers. We ran the engagement ad to turn the cold audience into warm audience so that the people who were not aware of the brand know about the existence and the people who knew the brand become aware of the online presence.
Here are the results on 3 different creative posts.

After running ads, making the audience aware and turning the cold audience into warm audience we moved towards conversion ads. First, we connected the website pixel with Facebook business manager to establish connection between website and Facebook so it can track every activity on website.
After that our marketing team advised a monthly package that parents can order which will include 2 diapers and 1 wipe which can easily cover the monthly needs of a baby. The suggestion was accepted and we went to work on the plan. We created 3 packages:

After that we ran the campaign on Facebook and Instagram. You can see the results of October campaign below. The ROAS(Return On Ad Spend) on this campaign was 11.37 which was great.

During the beginning of the month of November 2022, online sales were halted by Carebaby because of some internal matters but after those matters were solved, they gave us the green light and this time we had a new strategy planned which would boost the ad performance and sales so, from November 24th 2022, we continued the ad campaign and the results were phenomenal. ROAS on this campaign was 22.79.

Impressed by the results? Do you want your business to perform like this too? If yes, then connect with The Sign Factory now!

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