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About Brand

Ibraheem Traders also known as ITS, is a hardware store based in Raiwind Lahore. The specialty of Ibraheem Traders is that is the official distributor of Ingco hardware equipment which is an international brand. The store also deals in a variety of other renowned brands too such as Stanley, Vido, Canon, Mubah, Euro Tape, FTC and many more. Any hardware equipment that you imagine you can find it here. From wrenches, hammers, bearings to generators, chainsaw and water pumps, just name it and you can find it here. Ibraheem traders also has a website where you can order any product online

Problems Faced By Ibraheem Traders

It had set up its website however Ibraheem traders had failed to generate any online orders from the website and owners want to grow their business online so they can target a larger market and increase their potential. Plus, the company had invested a good amount of money in setting up the website but it was not making them substantial revenue. The management at Ibraheem Traders got in touch with The Sign Factory to solve this problem through their marketing techniques.


The website had a wide range of products however, its user interface was not appealing for the customer so we adjusted the website colours according to Ibraheem Traders brand identity, our design team created appealing website banners and the web developer uploaded and placed the new banners in different places across the website so customers can navigate through the website with ease. The products and categories in the website lacked sufficient description so, the content team at The Sign Factory prepared introduction and product description for each separate category. To improve the user experience we eased the process of purchasing an item so that any product can be purchased in 3 clicks.

Content & Graphics

Website, Facebook and Instagram pages are virtual shops in the modern era and you need to set them up strategically to acquire customers and keeping that in mind, our content team prepared a monthly content calendar for Ibraheem Traders which targeted the pain and gain points of the target audience. In this case, the target audience was construction companies and Masons who needed to buy hardware equipment for their company or work, plus other individuals who keep hardware tools at their homes. The content was divided into 3 categories; the first is awareness which aims to create awareness amongst the target audience. The second type is engagement which aims to engage with audience through emotions, this creates a positive brand communication. The third type is conversion which targets customer’s pain points and sells them the solution.


After making the website, Facebook and Instagram pages appealing for the potential buyer, we moved towards advertising in order to generate sales for the business. It took us a week to start advertising because we were first working to make the online assets better in terms of experience and interface. We first ran a campaign with the objective of “view content” to generate traffic on website pixels.

Here is the ad on which we ran the campaign:

After generating sufficient traffic on website and activating tracking on Facebook pixel, we created a sales campaign and the manager at Ibraheem traders suggested creating an ad on discount offer. We created the ad creatives for this carousel campaign and after effective copywriting, we ran the ad and the results were surprising! The results were very effective because we managed to bring sales in the first month.

That is how The Sign Factory helped Ibraheem Traders establish its digital assets and kick start its digital sales.

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