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Cedar Gold


About Brand

Cedar gold is a Pakistani food processing company which produces dairy and sauces. It has its own manufacturing and it aims to deliver the best quality by using natural ingredients to produce its products. The products that it produces and sells includes salted butter, unsalted butter, desi ghee, vinegar, soya sauce, hot chili sauce, garlic paste, ready-to-cook paratha, bbq sauce, chili garlic sauce, peri-peri mild sauce and ketchup. All of these products are widely used across the world.

Problems Faced By CedarGold

Cedargold was already operating in B2B market in Pakistan by selling its product range to local retailers, wholesalers and super markets. However, Cedargold did not have any sales through the online platforms and it also needed to grow its brand awareness and sales through online platforms. To solve their problems the managers at Cedargold got in touch with The Sign Factory and we team TSF proceeded to solve these problems.

Content & Graphics

The content needed to be more informative because Cedargold wanted to enhance its brand awareness it also wanted to increase direct B2C sales where customers can order the product directly. Keeping this in mind, most of the content focused on product awareness and conversion and the design team also continued this. The content team prepared awareness and conversion focused content which included a lot of deals. Captions on Facebook and Instagram posts are highly essential because it plays a vital part in communicating brand’s message to the audience and convert them into customers.


One week after posting on page we proceeded towards engagement ads which are used to engage potential audience with the page’s post and we received an overwhelming response as interested buyers were commenting and asking for details.

After this ad, Cedar was successful in competing 22 orders and since the product price was 1100/- cedar was successful in generating a revenue of 24200/-. In conclusion the ROAS on this campaign was 8.32.

Because of the successful 1Kg butter deal we ran another ad on desi ghee and following is the result of that campaign.

Cedargold was successful in completing 14 orders on this campaign and it earned a revenue of 19460/- because the product price was 1390/-. In conclusion the ROAS on this campaign was 10.03.


After this we continued different ads for Cedargold and following is the latest deal which we advertised for sales and this ad has been running from December 24.  

Till now, this campaign has received 32 orders and since the starting price of the deal is 1500/-, this campaign has-single handedly generated a revenue of 48000/- for the month of January. The ROAS for this campaign is 9.46.

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